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LCPD Skins (based on Parkside Police) 1.0

by K-9 police 9


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-05-20 01:43:41 -0700

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These LCPD Skin texture's based on parkside police are made by me K-9 police 9 and are copy righted / belong to me and may NOT be modified in any way without asking permission first from me may not upload these skins any where else without permission first from me model's are to their respective creator's / owner's -Every Car you see here LCPD skin done for it done in the style of parkside their newer paint job -9 total skins -2 week on this project and a bunch of hours Hope you enjoy the skins Model's are a wide range by various artists CJ24 Impala 2012 charger, Tahoe, and CVPI http://www.gta-moddi...-els/index.html EVI CVPI KevinDV caprice http://www.gta-moddi...-els/index.html Taurus NickieB Undercover Chicken 2013 Ford exploer http://www.gta-moddi...-msp/index.html BxBugs Suburban http://gtapolicemods...?do=file&id=817 all model's can be found at any of the 3 websites below