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Lamborghini Showroom v1

by extrememodder


Category:Map Mods

Added:2013-03-09 12:49:09 -0800


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************************************************************** - LAMBORGHINI SHOWROOM MAP MOD - ************************************************************** For this first you need to download my ferrari showroom mod This is just addons for map This replaces all ferrari's with lamborghini's Suggetions/new ideas are welcome. Thanks for loving my all mods. Use backup befor installing any of mod I am not responsible for any of your game damage use it at your own risk ************************************************************** I need some help 1.How can i add garage 2.How can i add spray'n'paint 3.How can i have savepoint 4.How can i spawn cars and peds near my map 5.How to add targeting lights(at night) ************************************************************** GAME - GTAIV SOURCE - GTASA/GTAIV/ForzaMotorsport MODEL AUTHER - ROCKSTAR GAMES RIPPER - extrememodder191 ************************************************************** How to install: Drag every folder to your desktop open openiv or spark go to "datamapsshowroomshowroom.img" press edit button and yes replace all from folder "replace cars" "special edition" folder contains SestoElemento & LP7004 open "datamapsshowroomshowroom.imgshowroom.wdr" replace all from folder "replace from showroom.wdr" Some colours are provided if you want to change car colour (you can also create as your own) ************************************************************** BUGS - Contact me or write comment Start game...go to position...Enjoy map lots!! **************************************************************