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KSOFT - spl handling line creator

by Slyde



Added:2013-12-28 08:57:39 -0800

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I made this simple software for Monster875 but it could be useful for other people too. This is a very simple version of the "Big" software that will allow to modify the file directly. To resume, this little software will help on the creation of handling lines, prompt help when asked and clipboard copy the line so you can paste it directly on your file. It was made to avoid certain mistakes (like invalid values). If something is wrong, a bug, or whatever it is, jus leave a comment/message directly on my website. Changelog v. [correction] Misspellings correction on help prompts [correction] Handbrake value missing [correction] Line now generated with . (dot) instead of , (coma) [add] Import system (clipboard or file) [add] Log system