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KITTEN 1.1 Manual

by masked_marauder

A GTA Vice City Mod

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Added:2010-11-21 04:17:53 -0800


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TITLE: KITTEN VERSION: 1.1 AUTHOR: Masked Marauder DATE: November 16, 2010 VERSION 1.1 UPDATE: February 27, 2011 GAME: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City UPDATED FOR VERSION 1.1: Not much really, just simplifying things here a little bit in anticipation of eventually finishing version 2. In version 1.1 the model has been changed to 'wfypr' (white female young prostitute). INSTALLATION: Use IMG Tool or an equivalent to extract these files from your gta.img archive and store them in a safe place for a backup: wfypr.dff wfypr.txd The default location of the archive is: "*|Program Files|Rockstar Games|Grand Theft Auto Vice City|models|gta3.img" Once you have done that replace the files in the archive with the ones with the same names that came with this mod. I have also decided to include a list of the pedestrian IDs for all of the young female characters so that you can swap the KITTEN files with any character that you choose. The list is named "Pedestrian IDs" and contains further details and instructions. Because of the large difference in file size it would probably be a good idea to rebuild the archive after the files have been changed as a precaution against crashing. If you wish to use KITTEN as a player model you will have to set the mod file names to those of a player clothing pick up. I would also suggest installing the mod "Female Player Animations 1.0" that I have also uploaded. ISSUES/BUGS: As is usually the case with these higher definition models in an older game, there is some ugly mesh distortion in some extreme animation positions. I did my absolute best to eliminate as much ugliness as possible in the mesh, but I can only do so much. Even though the mesh is much more detailed than the game defaults there are still the same number of bones to group the vertices to so... it is what it is. ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This mod is made with character models and textures from a mod made for a completely different game by an author who goes by the name "Growlf". Many thanks to him for his excellent work and generous permission! I received direct permission from him through an online forum. If you wish to use KITTEN for your own mod you would have to get permission from the original author like I have done. FUTURE VERSION 2.0 UPDATE: Even though I did not think that I would ever go back to her, I wish to take what I have learned from converting all of these higher definition models and apply it to KITTEN to make her better. Version 2 then will hopefully have better rigging and less unsightly mess distortion. There should also be a lot less clipping in the clothing meshes because basically there will just be less clothing to have clipping. So far I have redone just her body and I am spending more time with the fine tuning. Ideally, if I can keep track of all of the back up file copies this time that I typically keep lying around, I hope to have a body model that will be interchangeable with different clothing items. I hope to try some color correction editing with the textures to give her skin more of a bronze/tan color instead of that kind of pasty/pale color that she came with. Her hair color has been changed to more of a strawberry blond. CONTACT: [email protected] Pet the Kitty nice now.