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Kittchute KROS

by knightroto

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2010-05-30 08:40:29 -0700

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Download Link:kittchute_kros.cs


Knight Rider Parachute mod for KROS Old school mod. does not work with any other game scm because the parachute object is defined in scm. i wil be releasing other versions that work with other knight rider mods (but will be unsupported by me after release due to me working on KROS) and a version that works with other cars. also, this is not to be confused with any other parachute mod,as just today (5-30-10) i have found a to be released parachute for kitt 3000 in another knight rider mod. this is not part of KROS, just being released as an addon of sort. this only works in KITT (BFinject) Key presses: CTRL + P (activate) car will automatically slow down in the air if you are high enough. if you want it to not slow down, ex you don't want to wait forever hold P for as long as you like. it is best to hold P for the first few seconds of jump because as soon as your high enough it will immedately slow down. so if you jump off the large los santos building(i will include a quick mod to teleport you there in car very soon, for now use another teleporter) hold P before and a little after jumping to make it work better F12 removes parachute