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Keelo's Realistic Weapon damage & Ammunition V2

by Keelo


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Added:2014-07-05 04:52:19 -0700


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After a years delay, it's finally here the version 2 of my previous weapon damage mod which aims to simulate real life shootout action to GTA4, in the Vanilla game you maybe have experienced how long time it takes to kill someone, or how awfully slow the MAC-10 shoots which is the fastest shooting weapon in the world. Maybe you're tired of not fearing shots? After this you will. Version 2 fixes / new things. AK47 is stronger than the M4, though the accuaracy is worse. The sniper bullets are lethal, the V1 had non-lethal bullets. (It was a bug) The MP5 is weaker and shoots slower than the MAC-10 but the accuaracy is better. OPTIONAL: Extended mag for Glock.17 REMINDER: This mod is extremely difficult on Campaign mission! This will force you to stay covered, avoid getting hit and at the same time save your buddies. If you're an adept player I do not recommend this for you.