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IV Vigilante Missions v1.1

by protossevolutio


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-10-18 00:19:18 -0700


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Download Link:1445447156_iv_vigilante_missionsv1.1.rar


This script adds 8 missions where you'll face criminals. Because this script is highly customizable through INI file, you can use it to create different adventures, specially if you use Mods like Spider Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Batman, Super Man, and you have skins to their enemies and want to face them in a structured mission gameplay. Want to use Marcus Fenix skin and face some locusts? Want to use Master Chief skin and engage in battle against covenants? Or do you want to be Batman and defeat Harley Quinn, DeathStroke, and the Joker? Now you can, just look for the skins around the internet and configure the script the way you want it! Installation and further explanation goes inside the package.