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Iron Man IV v1.2

by H1Vltg3 & JulioNIB & wapeddell & Quechus13


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Added:2013-05-26 22:37:24 -0700


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Iron Man IV v1.2 Mod by- H1Vltg3 (Armors, HUD V1, Tests, and Ideas) JulioNIB (Script) wapeddell (Armors, HUD V2 & V3, J.A.R.V.I.S. Sounds, Tony Stark head and Chest Arc Reactor) Quechus13 (Armors) NOTE: If you downloaded and installed v1.1, the only 2 files that are new in this version are the and playerped.rpf. The rest are the same and do not need replacing. Changelog v1.2: -Tony Stark head and Arc Reactor added -You can now see all the armors in the menu -You can shoot rockets at high speed Changelog v1.1: -Did some improvements related to performance and script errors -Added support for two new custom HUD's (by wapeddell) -Added flight collision option -Added crash effect for landing -Added new type of cannon, just more powerful and with different offset, to initially be used with Hammer Drone model by wapeddell -Added missile alarm HUD (HUD v2 and v3) -Added low health HUD indicator (HUD v2 and v3) -Improved enemy rockets flight and lock point -Fixed some bugs related to script errors at startup and during gameplay -Fixed player model shake when moving and aiming at low speed flight -Fixed water bug that happens when you fall in water when in flight, causing an bug in camera making it look to the ass of the player when aiming -Fixed error for missing files, now the missing files will be ignored -Fixed "look behind" function, now you can look behind (commonly triggered with key C) without having that weird camera movement -Fixed chest repulsor beam position -Fixed hand repulsor beam position -Fixed fast rotation behavior when activating flight, now player will turn until reach camera direction -Fixed bug that makes close car disappear when activating flight -Added roll for turns when in flight at mid/high speed -Removed automatic flight turn off when getting close to ground, now it will turn off when close to ground and with big speed decrease detected -Improved wanted level increase, now increases only when really firing and when there are cops close -Improved cops detection, now will detect cops and add small blips to them only when armor is equipped -Improved weapon heat (cooldown time), now we can shoot more :) -Almost fixed unwanted melee movement after shooting, almost This mod allows you to have Iron Man features, like: -Iron Man Armors -Minigun -Shoulder Darts -Mini Rockets -Hand Repulsor Beam -Chest Repulsor Beam -Super Cannon -Back Thrusters -Flight Ability -Ability to call Ally to help you -Flying enemies -3 Dynamic Iron Man style HUD's -Play as Tony Stark Options Menu (Read below for controls): -Armor Select -Invincible Iron Man (God Mode) -Never Wanted -Spawn Ally -Spawn Enemy -Change HUD -Flight Collision -J.A.R.V.I.S. Volume -Current Armor Config Be sure to "Like" us on Facebook! Report any Script Errors to: You are a criminal if you monetize any videos or create links of this mod. Enough said. I (H1Vltg3), have no part in this. This is not yours, nor my intellectual property. All rights reserved to Disney/MARVEL and the Iron Man brand. I (H1Vltg3), did not create the script for this mod, but I did create the Iron Man IV mod and the original Repulsor Beam script with working boot jets, hand/chest repulsors, minigun, rockets, based off the Touhou Spellcards script by N-Field. Nixolas1 created the original Superman Mod V2 for flying. JulioNIB has released this update after he dropped out of the group so I added it to the pack and called it v1.2. Tony Stark was added as well since he was released after v1.1.