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In-game WPL editor

by iriedreadlock23


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Added:2016-03-02 07:09:30 -0800


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Did you ever want to be able to quickly add more detail to existing maps in GTA IV, but you don't have 3DS max and textual offline placement tools just weren't good enough for you? Ingame WPL tool (or simply IWE) will help you to place thousands of models from GTA IV library into game world, and quickly export all data to IPL or WPL binary file. Game will load objects automatically next time you play, even if you remove all script mods! All the editing is done in realtime, while you are in game, so it's easy to see how your placement of objects will look in game. Script doesn't require GIMS, Open IV or 3DS Max. Mod includes version 0.20 + extras FEATURES: - User friendly placement tool - Easy to navigate through 3D world - Place objects with mouse click - Select, position, or remove - Menu with thousands of models - Reads any IDE file - Writes to any custom IPL/WPL file - Optionally updates GTA.dat Install and usage information can be found in README.rtf. If you have any issues or requests, contact me here, or use official mod topic in Required: - Scripthook / ScripthookDotNet You can download previous versions via official thread.