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IMG and Stream Limit Adjuster 3.0

by fastman92

A GTA San Andreas Mod


Added:2012-02-29 09:35:43 -0800

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This open source ASI plugin adjusts amount of IMG archives possible to load. By default GTA San Andreas is able to load max of 8 archives (3 standard archives gta3.img, gta_int.img, player.img and 5 archives defined within default.dat or gta.dat) It`s very inconvenient when making total conversion. More IMG archives means better organization. Not only IMG limit is hacked - stream limit had to be hacked either. Now limit is: MAX_NUMBER_OF_IMG_ARCHIVES = 127; MAX_NUMBER_OF_STREAM_HANDLES = 400; It should be sufficient for anyone. Also it adds support to read IMGLIST file defined within default.dat or gta.dat, like in GTA IV. For example IMGLIST DATA\IMAGES.TXT in images.txt: anim\anim.img models\paths.img models\pedprops.img Works with GTA San Andreas v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE