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HQ Weapon Icons

by Zera

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2011-09-21 13:25:45 -0700

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These are HQ versions of the weapon icons in Vice City (4 times the original size). You can see the screenshots for comparison (left is mine, right is the default resized with Lanczos3). Weapon model credits: - A-Christ (Katana) - Renegade (Colt45, Python, Ruger, M4, Mp5lng, Chromegun, Shotgspa, Laser, Sniper) - Commando Funebrero (Bat, Brassknuckle, Buddyshot, Flame, Grenade, Ingramsl, Knifecur, M60, Minigun, Molotov, Rocketla, Tec9, Uzi) More information in the Readme file (including installation instructions).