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[Homing Fireball] Blaze Wing V1.1

by flyingratmods


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-11-01 17:43:49 -0800


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A mod that mimics Elesis - Blazing Heart's Blaze Wing skill from Elsword. This is a homing fireball that targets a number of HOSTILE peds that are not in the civilian groups. Video: Video is old and animation does not show in it. This mod was tested in TLAD and lightly tested in GTAIV and is using the newest version of scripthookdotnet. Known bugs: Rarely fireball doesn't go away. Ver. 1.1 Recent Changes: Added check to avoid attacking most storyline allies, will also avoid attacking kidnapper in Hostile Negotiation in order to avoid a bug. However, allies that get too close to the fireball will still be burned. Animation edited slightly so there will be no "twitchiness" to it. Added animation on foot. Fireball now comes from left hand. Radius can now be specified Fireball now tracks some mission required peds, may not work for all missions. Source included. Animation file must be placed in the anim.img under GTAIV>PC>Anim or EFLC>PC>Anim Feel free to email/message me suggestions/bug reports/questions.