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High Speed Baja Style Track V2

by Carrythxd


Category:Map Mods

Added:2010-11-02 09:02:05 -0700


Historic Rating:6/10

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Download Link:1288713725_high_speed_baja_style_track_v2.rar

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This track have 70 objects and it's located in MIddle Park, Alqonguin. I don't know can this track be track coz it is so small, just 31 objects. But it have jumps :D This track is like Baja in DiRT, jumps and couple corners. Track start from MIddle Park's Police Department and ends near that same place. It just goes around MIddle Park. - Track have: - Jumps - Corners - Opportunity To Cut Throw The Park - Opportunity To Drive This Wrong Way Too - Start And Finish Line Can Change Positions (If YOu Drive It Wrong Way) - More Signs To Know Where To Go - Finish Line With Couple Spot Lights