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Hardcore Mode (Custom Health Setting) (Final)

by representa


Category:Script Mods

Added:2016-02-01 02:09:32 -0800

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EDIT: Man, I am very sorry to everyone who downloaded this; there was an error made in the ini directory call. It is fixed and working 100% as it should. -Also there was an error in the description: Please enter a numeric value from 1-100 for the health, not 1-200 Once again my apologies. ********** For everyone who still plays GTA IV I present a basic custom health mod | set health to whatever value you want - *with a 10 second update interval(just incase you think it doesnt work wait 15 seconds) Installation: Place .dll & .ini files in scripts folder. Done. *Includes an .ini file which allows you to set the health to whatever value you desire. Try Player Euphoria mod for extreme hardcore. *warning: Only use numeric values (1-100) in .Ini file **********