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GTA4-Mods Mod Approved Checker

by LetsPlayOrDy



Added:2014-10-25 19:51:58 -0700


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This is a simple application for modders that checks if your modification (or someone else's) is approved or not. It will notify you by opening a message box saying 'It's approved!', making a beep noise, and emailing you if you chose for it to. Simply just copy/paste in the part of the link of your mod after '' (picture has example), check the 'Check' check box (so many checks lol), and wait for your mod to be approved! Also, if you want the program to email you, check the 'Send me an email when the mod is approved' check box, enter your email credentials (gmail only atm) (you have to enter your password too because you are sending yourself an email), then press the 'Check' check box! Virus scans: Changelog: v1.0.1: Fixed bugs