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GTA Vatican City 1.0

by gtafan2u

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Map Mods

Added:2015-04-12 22:53:53 -0700

Replaces:Everything in Vice City

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Historic Downloads:5,418

File Size:2.25 MB

Download Link:1428904433_gta_vatican_city1.0_setup.exe


This is a total modification for vice city. There is no total modification category here in this site so I put this mod under the map category. GRAND THEFT AUTO : VATICAN CITY 1.0 by gtafan2u. Added features- 1-Whole new map with more than 20 islands. 1 private island(no ped or vechile will go there), 4 normal islands, 1 oil rig island, and others are mini islands with light houses. 2-New docks(2 docks are there). 3-New vechiles, plane, helicopter & boats spawning points. 4-New airport. 5-Environment full of greenery. 6-New roads, jungle, crew ship, helipads, army camp, aeroplanes, bridges, oil rigs, light houses, radar islands, stadium, bridge like gta3, mighty oil crue ship new models, textures etc. 7-Bedrocks removed from the ocean. 8-Added stuff such as- capability of saving anywhere, location bookmark, Money of $2000000 in a key press, Tent house creation capability, Capability of creating your own army of cops, Fully invincible, own punch blast, swimming like san andreas and much more. 9-A new hill climbing track for an offroad experience. 10-Infinite car & boat flying time when the following cheats applied- COMEFLYWITHME(for cars) & AIRSHIP(for boats) i.e. you can fly the cars and boats like a plane. 11- Vechiles speedometere. Now when you enter any vechile you can see a speedometere on the screen showing the speed of the vechile. 12- A total of 15 hidden packages throughout the cities waiting to be found and $100 for each pickup. 13- New skating park . 14- New spherical death wall. 15-New treehouse in vatican city. 16-New spherical rally track for doing races or rally. 17-One of the seven wonder Taj Mahal now in Vatican City.