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GTA V Handling For IV 1.4

by Nixolas1


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-10-08 18:10:29 -0700

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GTA V Handling, or V-Handling for short is a mod for IV/EFLC which will make all your vehicles take much better turns and brake faster, just like in GTA V! You will never float away in the corners with this mod :) NEW: Added crash damage to ped (so you lose health if you crash into a wall etc.). Fixed braking a bit. OLD NEWS: Xbox control fixed. Added stuck on roof rolling (Press A/D to roll on wheels again) Edit the ini file to suit your preferences, like cropper turns, faster braking or enable tap to reverse. Press A+S+D at the same time to reload the ini file. --- Install --- *Place V-Handling.asi and VHandling.ini in your main GTA IV or EFLC directory (where EFLC.exe or GTA IV.exe is) *If you dont have dsound.dll or scripthook.dll there from before, put those there aswell *Modify the ini file to suit your needs *Own the streets of Liberty City :) Video: Note: This is not a handling.dat mod, and has no "real" GTA V handling files. I have reconstructed the feeling by using scripting.