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GTA V FIB Headquarters building

by Sayak96

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Building Mods

Added:2016-06-23 21:13:05 -0700

Replaces:LA skyscraper 1

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File Size:13.72 MB

Download Link:1466741585_gtasa.exe

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----------- What's New? ----------- >FIB signboard with FIB logo( as in GTA V) added in front of the FIB building, with perfect collision file. >The uppermost floor balcony of the building can now be accessed from ground, as in the tall round skyscraper next to it!(cleo required) >An FBI Rancher car now spawns in front of the building.(Cleo required) (If you want the FIB SUV car from GTA V, download and install my GTA V FIB SUV car mod from the link given below in NOTES section, and GTA V style FIB SUV will spawn there instead of the old FBI rancher!) Features: --------- >High Quality and detailed model of the FIB building in downtown Los Santos, GTA V. >Exact the FIB building in downtown Los Santos, GTA V. >Perfect and detailed collision mesh for the building. >Detailed and exact textures of this building, as seen in GTA V. >FIB logo and borders of the building glows at night. >Good draw distance- detailed model is seen from a long distance. Now you will see a new building, the FIB tower from GTA V, in place of the old LA plaza.