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GTA Override 1.3

by kurtis2222

A GTA San Andreas Mod


Added:2012-06-15 14:54:26 -0700

Replaces:default.dat | Patches: gta_sa.exe

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:6,691

File Size:508.62 KB

Download Link:1353006818_gtaovrd13.rar

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Shortly, you can only make use of this mod if you are tired of making backups of the GTA3.IMG file. Instead of modifying GTA3.IMG, you will need to add the mods or modify the mods in another IMG, and you don't have to worry about your original files. If this wasn't clear enough: You don't need to modify your GTA3.IMG to install car, skin, weapon, etc mods. A new IMG file will be used to perform this action, it's name is: overrd.img. This program will use a folder named: ovrd. UPDATE (v1.1): - Now the program don't have any conflits with the gta.dat file - Installation check button added UPDATE (v1.2): - Support for GTA:IV (default mod: GTA:SA Sultan) Minor bugfix in v1.2 (2012.07.13 20:42) - Fixed false message after succesfully patched GTA:SA UPDATE (v1.3): - Handling file override added - OVRD folder have been moved in both games - Open OVRD folder button added - About button added - Override status checking have been extended