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GTA IV Snowfalls v2 0 CHRISTMAS Edition

by Flash


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Added:2013-12-22 04:44:15 -0800

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GTA IV Realistic Snowfalls Mod v2 0 CHRISTMAS Edition (© By Flash) This is a special update for christmas 2013 !! Another quite big update with last improvements concerning the size, the quality of texture, the moving speed of the snow, the atmosphere colors with and WITHOUT snowfalls. For "extra sunny/sunny/sunny-windy/cloudy" weather, timecyc settings come from "Weather Eye IV" (made by boxmonster), download link below. For "rain/drizzle/fog/lightnings", I make a very realistic snow weather directly inspired by true NY picture under snowfalls (with very realistic colours for day and night). The sound of rain and thunder has been deleted, like during real snow weather. Then, for christmas, I include some surprise in "options" file (new snowy map, snowmobiles with cool handling...) !! It's more easy to install the mod, now you no longer have to edit with notepad your timecyc.dat or visualsetting.dat with some risks of mistake and bad surprises. Here is the list of the last changes : -snowfalls now are really heavy, wet and strong -snowflake size has even been increased (maximal realism) -realistic texture for snowflakes -snow falls as fast as in real life -snow and wind are now really intense and fast in blizzard -realistic freezing fog effect during snowfalls, and very low visibility in blizzard -colours are now very realistic during daytime, then yellow light and "photorealistic" snowfall atmosphere during night -realistic effects without snow (using "Weather Eye IV", download : -it's now really easy to install the mod -(for snowmod v2), the ugly grass effect on snow on ground is now deleted (ption) -the "rain and thunder" sounds have been deleted during snowfalls (option) -and some surprises in "option" folder !!!!!! HAVE FUN !!!