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GTA IV - Optimizer (FPS Boost) 2014 [Zupper]

by for1t


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Added:2014-04-29 12:47:27 -0700

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Zupper V1, is a project of "Zincep Project" released yesterday to the public. This mod is to optimize the GTA IV in a 99.9%. Download, test, comment and rate & Enjoy. Follow: Compatible with: IV Episodes From Liberty City ***ATTENTION:*** The" in-game" photos in the this topic or post are referential with ENB / iCEnhancer. The mod does not change the graphics of the game, only optimizes and configures the game. [[-------------------------]] PS: If you game runs at less than 20 FPS in you PC, maybe you will not find a difference with optimizer. Because you have a Extremely Low End PC. [[-------------------------]] PS 2: Maybe using FRAPS not see a difference in numbers, but if fluency in game. Depends on your PC/System. [[-------------------------]] PS 3: The optimizer works better with patch But, the Optimizer works with all versions. No problem. [[-------------------------]]