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GTA IV Mod - NFT2015 BETA V0.2

by Razor250 (RazorStudios)


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-07-07 08:30:17 -0700

Replaces:Some Cars

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:3,908

File Size:658 B

Download Link:1436283017_gtaiv_mod_nft2015_betav0.2.rar

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NFT2015 BETA V0.2 1. New cars (about 20) 2. New locations (Tuning, Car Shop, ETC.) 3. Script EPM and RIV and More but still not finish. The file HERE is about 1MB BUT in this file are links to download mods above 200MB Soon (10-20 Days) will be next Update for this mod. If you can writting scripts for GTA IV contact with me I need help. (Mod will be available for GTA V and GTA SA but I don't know when exactlly).