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GTA IV Mission Mod Pack V2.0

by rodd1981


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Added:2015-03-20 15:41:49 -0700

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GTA IV Mission Mod Pack V2.0 ---------------------------- Overview -------- - Total of 20 missions (16 mission recreations from GTA V Online and 4 new missions created by myself). - All missions in SCO format (ASI menu loader included in SCOLoader folder). - Improved AI, added GTA V Teleport and menu with options such as difficulty, weather, car, etc. Youtube Playlist (All Missions): All in the Game (Simeon) Blow Up (Simeon) Blow Up II (Simeon) Blow Up III (Simeon) Crystal Clear Out 2 (Trevor) El Burro Heists (Simeon) Gentry Does It (Simeon) Lost MC Rip (Lamar) It Takes A Thief (Simeon) Potshot (Trevor) Rockford Roll (Simeon) Rooftop Rumble (Martin) The Parking Garage (Lester - NEW) Out of Court Settlement (Martin - NEW) A boat in the Bay (Trevor - NEW) Show me the monet (Martin - NEW) - Custom Missions: Saints and Devils Death Penalty Gruppe Sechs Heists Deal Breaker II (NEW) Requirements ------------ ASI loader : (thanks to Alexander Blade) Installation ------------ - MAKE SURE TO BACKUP SCRIPT.IMG BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD (IT SHOULD BE LOCATED ON GTAIV/COMMON/DATA/CDIMAGES DIRECTORY) - Make sure you have OpenIV installed - Run OpenIV as administrator - Click on Package Installer - Choose the OIV package and finish install - Copy the contents of "SCOLoader" folder to your GTAIV root directory Usage ----- Hit F12 to open the menu and select the mission you wanna play. Suggestions/Bugs/Issues ----------------------- Send me a PM on and will take a look on your suggestion/bug/issue. Follow me for more updates: Credits ------- Alex Blade - SCOCL (This mod wouldn't exist without this great tool). Cosy - Thanks for sharing the source code of your mini-menu (it was really useful to improve my missions). Skorpro - Thanks for sharing the source code of your ASI SCO Loader (it was really useful to improve the loading/unloading process of mission scripts). OhManMyBad - Thanks for sharing the source code of your GTA V Teleportation.