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by MickeyDorfling

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2010-09-05 08:42:10 -0700

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San Andreas: Celebraties and South Africa By Mickey ___________________________ New People: _____________________________ new San Fiero police (Lourence) Mickey (me) Adolf hitler (GAY) Knife Jessica Alba as a prostitute Kenny hotz Gareth Spenny ___________________________ Also, all place names are place names of South Africa and funny things etc. :) This Mod will brighten up your san Andreas completely :) ________________________ How to install? ________________ open img workshop then open gta3.img. Find and replace from folder 'gta3.img' Sfpd1.txd, Somyri.txd, Somyri.dff, omokung.txd, vwfypro.txd, vmaff1.txd, vmaff4.txd, somyst.txd, bfypro.txd, wmyva.txd, comet.dff, commet.txd. Now go into the data folders and replace the numbers from the 'Mickey's Ferrari' folder in the files handling.cfg and vehicles.ide and carcols.dat Then open folder text and replace american.gxt Then open models and replace particle.txd _____________________________ Backup files :) Have fun!!! :D