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GTA File Assistant 0.3

by thomasking42



Added:2011-09-04 04:08:48 -0700

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This program helps you backup and restore your GTA4 mod files. i am new to and GTA4 modding so don't expect this program to be brilliant. it is currently in the earliest stage possible but I will continue to work on it. please report any bugs (there will be a lot) and tell me what you think. To install, place in GTA directory with the LaunchGTAIV, or LaunchEFLC, does not modify save games. you should use this with a fresh install as it copies the original files as the backup, theres no use in having it if the backed up copies are the same as the modded ones. Features: backup and restore the files used when modding (files from the files.txt) detect differences between the backup and the file you have modded, to tell you if it has been damaged or not restored correctly (only works if the 2 files have different file sizes!) modifies the file.txt to use your backed-up files Drag-and-drop files to the program to remember them as a custom backup a handling.dat and weaponinfo.xml editor - kind of useless Tabs (Yay!) a .asi mod manager and a .net script manager the ability to have multiple backups, and delete all backups simple mod downloader Any other suggestions are welcome. Known Bugs: the program always says there are files missing, when there aren't. - fixed by deleting this message from the code all together