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by levenshtein

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Script Mods

Added:2010-11-01 03:11:29 -0700

Replaces:The Fast and the Furious mod

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:7,752

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Download Link:1290231670_gran_rosario3.rar

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Complete version! Features: This mod makes you start with: 100 hidden packages found 36 unique stunts 15 stores knocked off *automatic car doors locking (cant be arrested) *invulnerable tires *stadium always open *12 deals to complete Cherry Popper factory. *can buy cameras *can buy brass knuckles at ammu-nation *more time for Charlie Checkpoint *infinite time for all submissions *level 4 for complete pizzas sub-mission *10 fares for complete taxi submission *Sea Sparrow replaces Skimmer in Dodo Dildo *Free spray and go *Tec9 replaces Colt45 in "The Shootist" mission. *New accessible building at Downtown with Hunter on roof. *Lift at Downtown always accessible and new accesible doors in this building. *El Banco Corrupto Grande and its lift always accessible. *Joy's Beds accessible. *Fixed "The shootist" bug when you start mission using a weapon different to tec9. *Havana clothes relocated and can be picked up. *Police uniform doesn't dissapear on completing "Cop Land". *WK Chariot Hotel always open. *Vigilante missions: 12. *Vigilante, Firefighter, Paramedic and Distribution missions can be resumed. *Deals-Done counter never resets on "Distribution". *Distribution can be resumed anywhere by pressing SUBMISSION button while driving a Mr.Whoopee. *Fares counter never resets (Taxi Drive mission). *Infinite Molotov and Flame thrower on completing Firefighter mission. *Mission "Martha's Mug Shot" doesnt fail if you run out all the film. *Gonzalez house always accessible. *Glass dome at Ocean Beach accessible. and much more... read "third version.txt"