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Gostown Paradise Beta ²

by terreur69


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Added:2013-06-26 16:31:24 -0700

Replaces:Liberty City

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------------------------------------------------------------- GTA IV : Gostown Paradise Beta ² ----------------By terreur69---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Gostown 6 on RAGE Engine ! +++++++++++++++++++++++ + Version Information + +++++++++++++++++++++++ Mod version: 2.0 (Beta public version) Release date: 23 june 2013 +++++++++++++++ + Description + +++++++++++++++ topic US : topic FR: Gostown 6 is a huge island with a city in sum, forests, beaches, Others island, which is why the mods called Paradise Gostown 6 . this mod aims in convertire Gostown 6 on RAGE engine, improvements are well expected forecasted, new building, new place, new island, all with a level of detail very close to GTAIV. Team : Rémi Germain (Terreur69) Frédéric Marfa (fredskin) Nick Kjellman (nkjellman) Jessy Condette (Tanjes) Credits: Thanks to terreur69,maker of this awesome map. :D & And everyone else who helped make this map! Any Problems, please visit the forum sites above. NOTE: (THIS IS NOT MY MOD!) Unfortunatly due to terreur69, Dropping the mod, Gostown Beta 2 is unfinished and will be the last Public Beta release! i've been given Permission to upload from New owner "Garju67" Whos had permission to share it from previous Owner "Terreur69". Thanks & enjoy! Uploaded by IIZACHARIAHII