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Fujimi Kaido

by stilldre


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Added:2012-06-09 11:12:42 -0700

Replaces:Place near Statue Of Liberty, alltheway from Manhatten's Heli Tour to Jersey Industry Island

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'Fujimi Kaido' 'Forza Motorsport 4's Drift Heaven' Now for GTA IV and EFLC! More than 100 turns - Higher than x10 Statue Of Liberty - 10.2 Miles / 16.4 Km's of Road Trailer: Info: - Converted from FM4 - Edited/rebuilded in 3ds Max '12 - GTA IV Buildings for small japanese/chinese town - Dockside with Gymkhana stuff - Elevated vegetation ( Snowy at top, Green & Colorfull at bottom of the map ) - Parked vehicles and boats - 415 in objects.ini file ( must be spawned ingame wtih Simple Native Trainer 6.4 ) ____________________ Download from MediaFire: -------------------------------- ____________________ Download from Dropbox: -------------------------------- Map Mod and Video: by StillDre Detail Objects: by TheLastCommand Beta Tester: Carrythxd, Ozy Robert