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Fort Carson Chronicles [DYOM]

by Murdacious Team

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2014-10-18 21:38:23 -0700

Replaces:Nothing, Though you do need Design Your own mission

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A DYOM [Design Your Own Missions] that is based in Fort Carson and surrounding towns. Storyline: Kelvin is an ex gang lieutenant, after moving to Vice City when his gang is on top. Upon coming back to visit his family. He finds that the gang needs his help more than ever. Through Heists, Rampages, Drive By's, and shootouts. Use your wits to battle through enemy gangs and take Fort Carson back as your own! Extra Details: Supported Language: English | Best if used unmodded Vanilla San Andreas | Will have multiple Chapters Thanks and have fun! -FlufferzTheCat (Creator, and member of Murdacious Intent)