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Fixed Colors

by cp1dell


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2015-02-05 14:24:43 -0800

Replaces:timecyc.dat, timecyclemodifiers.dat, timecyclemodifiers2.dat, timecyclemodifiers3.dat, and timecyclemodifiers4.dat

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Short version: Default weather, colors etc. with removed filter and fixed saturation. Long version: This does two things, and two things only. Everything else if default (if you're into that kind of stuff). One, it gets rid of the "piss filter." Most games have one and it sucks. It's called "Color Correction" but adds an ugly colored filter over the game. It's like looking at the world through crap-colored tinted glasses. Two, I fixed the saturation. By default, some weathers (especially foggy weather) had the saturation turned down very low. The lower the saturation, the less color, and the more it looked like some type of Noir movie. I got rid of that junk. That's pretty much it. You liked how TBoGT made the game more colorful? It's like that, except without the emphasis on pinks and purples. Like how colorful GTA V is? Okay than. This is how the game is supposed to look, before Rockstar put a dirty filter over the game, and turned down the saturation.