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Fixed car badges

by Fifthcell


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-04-15 14:13:23 -0700

Replaces:.wtd of cars in file

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This is my 2nd mod. I don't know about you guys but I am very bothered that R* messed up the badges on the i decided to fix them (some just have the newest version of that badge) List of new badges: New Dinka badges for Blista, Hakumai, and both Perennials from V. "Bravado" Dukes. (Dodge Charger) "Karin" Feroci. (Toyota Artisto/Lexus GS) "Annis" Ingot. (Nissan Stagea) New Annis badges from V for Pinnacle New Declasse badges for Premier "Declasse" Ruiner (Chevy Camaro) "Imponte" Sabre GT (It is an oldsmobile but pontiac to me is the closest company to me in the game) New Dewbauchee badges from V for Supergt New Grotti badges from V for Turismo end.__________________________________ Please don't rate low because this is one of my first mods and it isnt like a remodeled vehicle or anything hard like that.