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Ferrari Showroom v1

by extrememodder


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Added:2013-03-08 23:53:09 -0800


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************************************************************** - FERRARI SHOWROOM MAP MOD - ************************************************************** This is my first map mod for GTA IV. I have tooked about 15 days to complete it. SO respect my work. Suggetions/new ideas are welcome. Its possible to replace each and every vehicle you want (under process) Thanks for loving my all mods. Use backup befor installing any of mod I am not responsible for any of your game damage use it at your own risk ************************************************************** I need some help 1.How can i add garage 2.How can i add spray'n'paint 3.How can i have savepoint 4.How can i spawn cars and peds near my map 5.How to add targeting lights(at night) ************************************************************** GAME - GTAIV SOURCE - GTASA/GTAIV MODEL AUTHER - ROCKSTAR GAMES RIPPER - extrememodder191 ************************************************************** MAP POSITION - image included into zip Drag showroom folder to your C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcdatamaps go to C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVcommondata open images.txt add following line platformimg:/data/maps/showroom/showroom 0 open gta.dat add following lines (at IDE section) IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/SHOWROOM/SHOWROOM.IDE (at IPL section) IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/SHOWROOM/SHOWROOM.IPL ************************************************************** FEATURES - Bigger map Lots of small thing are there Much details are provided(on cars) Much correctness(i think so) some material twicked Its possible to change every car colour(eg.458skin) replace any colour with old one Adding or replacing car possible Emmessive lights like street lamp,smallbulb,tube etc colour can be changed you can change welcomeposter,screeimage1/2/3,showroomlogo1/2 as you want BUGS - As this is first attempt to makeing map some bugs will be there Contact me or write comment Start game...go to position...Enjoy map lots!! **************************************************************