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ENB-Series schakusa-style v2.0

by schakusa


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-06-07 10:09:03 -0700

Replaces:another enb series :D

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My first official release of my second ENB-Settings. Powerfull graphics for powerfull machines :) As usual only for patch: - - - ==> ALL CREDITS GOES to: - Boris Vorontsov, Dpeasant3, Icelaglace, gp65cj04, dkt70, AAA, MasterKontrol and Timothy Lottes (injected FXAA) ==> Special thanks goes to my dirty little helper: - Niggbert - Rone - Packetoverload - MasterKontrol - gp65cj04 - AAA (opezdl) INSTALLATION: Copy/Paste into your GTA IV Folder! Start your game, press "pause"-key to enable injected fxaa Optional: If you want to enable DoF (Depth of Field) or the vignette. Open enbeffect.fx and read what you have to do. I only use the HD-Texture-pack by Lord Neophyte: and the HD-Shops by ZBNYNC If you want to upload my ENB on other sites then you have to use this downloadlink: Thanks and have Fun with it :)