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EFLC File Unlocker (SDFA DUMPER)

by Alexander Blade



Added:2010-04-20 22:35:25 -0700

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Here is File Unlocker for EFLC , i hope everyone who looked into EFLC files will know for what this asi plugin was made. - Place a asi Loader (like dsound OR xliveless OR...) in the mainroot of EFLC - Place the SdfaDump.asi file in the same root like the asi loader - Run your game - A message on your desktop will appear, ignore it for now - Let the game fully load until your in the main menu (or even ingame) - Alt-tab out and go back to the message we just ignored, click oke - Wait until a new message box pop-up, this means the asi script is done unlocking the files. - Click oke, and now you can exit your game In the mainroot of EFLC you will find the map SdfaDump (about 100 MB, 1877 files in 71 maps) This are the unlocked files with the same map structure as where the files where found before the were unlocked. The game DOES NOT read out of the SdfaDump map, all files you want to unlock you most copy manually to the correct place. Don't forget to - Delete the SdfaDump.asi file - Make backups before overwriting something Still having problems? The sdfadump script generates a log file, look intro the log for error reports.