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DxTory Crash Fix GUI Edition

by LetsPlayOrDy



Added:2014-09-30 18:59:00 -0700


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Version 1.0.1 Description: This is the GUI edition of the "Dxtory crash fix 2.0" batch app made by Fragdog (! The reason this program is useful is because, when you start GTA IV up with ENB installed, and you also have a recording software like DxTory running, GTA IV will crash. This program will fix that by opening the recording software after GTA IV loads the ENB. Features: Change GTA IV location and the program-you-are-going-to-start's (like recording software) location. Save those locations. You can also input a Steam web link into any of the locations to start a Steam game (GTA IV: steam://rungameid/12210, EFLC: steam://rungameid/12220). Change the time till the program-you-are-going-to-start, or pyagts, is started. Set whether to close the program (DxTory Crash Fix) when the pyagts is started. How to use it: 1. Input the location of the program you want to start in. 2. Input the location of GTA IV in. 3. Set the minutes/seconds till you want the program you want to start, to start. 4. Set whether to close the program (DxTory Crash Fix) after you start the pyagts. 5. Click start! Disclaimer: This software is provided 'as-is', without any explicit or implied warranty. The author(s) cannot be held accountable for any damage that might be caused by this software or any of it's components. Required to run this program is: - .NET Framework 4.5 Changelog: 1.0.1: You can now input minutes and seconds, instead of just seconds. Added icon to the program. Optimized the code better. Other minor changes. 1.0: Initial release. Do not redistribute without my permission.