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Dxtory crash fix 2.0

by Fragdog



Added:2014-04-21 06:40:38 -0700

Replaces:Old fix.

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Well needed update for my Dxtory crash fix. This is a simple little batch application that automatically looks for and ends the Dxtory screen recorder before launching GTA IV/EFLC, and then restarts it after d3d9.dll loads. Changelog: -Improved appearance. -Removed unnecessary line requiring user edit. -Removed unnecessary versions of the same application. -Shortened Dxtory restart time. -Added a task kill menu (quickly end an unresponsive game). README.TXT 1. Copy the appropriate .bat file into your game directory. (IVLAUNCH.bat in your GTA IV folder, EFLCLAUNCH.bat in your EFLC folder) 2. Right click the .bat file and select "Send to" > "Desktop (Shortcut)" 3. Right click the .bat file in your game directory and select edit. There are only two lines you need to worry about. :DXOFF and :DXLA. 4. Paste in your full GTA IV/EFLC directory in :DXOFF. Eg. START "" "***replace this text with your full GTA IV directory***" Should become START "" "C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVLaunchGTAIV.exe" 5. REMEMBER TO LEAVE ALL QUOTATION MARKS IN PLACE!! 6. Repeat this process in :DXLA for Dxtory. 7. Save. (make sure you are saving as .bat in your game directory) 8. To play GTA IV or EFLC, simply double click on the shortcut you made on your desktop in step 2. 9. If your game becomes unresponsive, alt+tab to the application and enter the kill menu. You can kill the game process quickly through this menu without having to use windows task manager. ----------------------------- You can rename the shortcut if you want. You can add the GTA IV logo to the shortcut by right clicking, going into properties, selecting "change icon", going to your GTA IV directory and selecting "GTAIV.ico" This application can not be added to Steam as a non-steam game, but can still launch your Steam version of GTA IV/EFLC. Running this application will create a "NULL" file in your game directory. This is just the application hiding the timing lines from the user. It is nothing to worry about. Windows may warn you that running this application could be harmful to your computer. Ignore this as it is bull. Trust me, I gain no pleasure in deleting your System32. If you have any issues, please leave a comment and I will try to help you out.