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Drift Circuit

by NikoFromIndo


Category:Map Mods

Added:2010-12-27 02:23:15 -0800

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Thanks For Downloading :) ___________________________ Drift Circuit ___________________________ It has 385 objects ___________________________ Installation Instructions ___________________________ 1. Go to your GTA 4 main dir 2. If you have some other track, house or some other object file rename it to 'objects2' (Or 'objects3' etc.) 3. Copy objects.ini to EFLC or IV folder 4. Copy & Paste this Coord to your trainer.ini [Teleport1Slot0] x=-1279.87 y=386.146 z=14.8786 Description=Teleported To Drift Circuit MenuDescription=Drift Circuit 5. Go to Trainer -> Object Spawning -> Load Objects From Objects.ini 6. Teleported To the Coord that I just gave you 7. Enjoy Drifting!!!!! ___________________________ P.S. if you found any bug just email me at [email protected]