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DiRTY LandRush

by stilldre


Category:Map Mods

Added:2012-05-03 07:10:59 -0700

Replaces:Place between Bronx and Airport, LC

Historic Rating:9/10

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'DiRTY LandRush' 'Bringing you offroading heaven to Liberty City' Info: >> DiRT2 base track model for terrain >> Cliffs, Rocks and Hillclimb Mountain >> More-sided DiRT track and beach track >> Alot of vegetation ( over 6000 low-poly grass, 3 types of trees and some bushes ) >> Track event stuff and tribune with garages >> Way more fun!!! >> Normaly compatible with all patches of GTA IV and EFLC.. Trailer: For any news and screens about my upcoming mods you can visit my homepage:!/groups/346413288751489/ Map Mod and Video: by StillDre Detail Objects: by TheLastCommand Beta Tester: Carrythxd