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Cool Loop Ramp 2

by LetsPlayOrDy


Category:Map Mods

Added:2013-08-08 20:48:43 -0700

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This is not a updated version of Cool Loop Ramp, it is a totally different ramp. This ramp was uploaded because I said for Cool Loop Ramp (1) that if I got atleast a six star rating I would upload another, better, ramp. And now you have it! To install extract the objects.ini file from the zip to the GTA IV directory. To load it you need Simple Trainer, open with F3, select Objects, and then Load Objects from objects.ini. If you have Cool Loop Ramp (1) and you want to install this too, rename the objects.ini from this ramp to objects2.ini. To load objects2.ini you need to open Simple Trainer, go into Objects menu, select More Objects, and Load Objects from objects2.ini. Rate (and subscribe :) ) for more ramps and stuff! :D Please do not redistribute Thank you :)