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Clockwork Adventure (Hotel Nicoise)

by Sanandyfreak


Category:Map Mods

Added:2013-07-20 08:37:43 -0700


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Welcome to Hotel Nicoise on Clockwork Map. This time i put over 400 Objects, not all over the Map, but on a single location. It was annoying to see the cars crashing in to the objects, so in future you can use the paths of the map on other locations i will made, where the objects are in the near of the streets. There are police, 2 helipads, lot of Benches(people), fences, lights, ramp, a beautiful coffee place, table Tennis, Pool, Barbecue, Shower(lol), Flatscreen and many, many other things. The special one is a Mass Suicide Tower, where a lot of people jump, when you target or shoot them. Recommended Script Mod: Arrest Warrant! Because the police can questioning you for ID.:) Just put the object file in exe. direction and load it with Native Trainer. More to come on other Places for Clockwork Map. Have fun!