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Chevrolet Impala Unmarked / Detective

by RMC


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Added:2012-12-31 15:12:56 -0800


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Modification Information | Vehicle Parts and Equipment - MOD NAME DETECTIVE / IMPALA UNMARKED UNIT - VERSION v1.1 ELS - SPECIAL MODEL ELS - LIGHTBAR N/A - EXTRA PARTS Unity Spotlight, Whelen Talon, Impala Rambar - LIVERIES 4 - OPTIMIZED FOR POLICE2, POLICE, FBI - CREDITS Ubisoft Reflections, Schaefft, Bxbugs123, RMC, Lt.Caine, Archerymodz (see readme) - MOD STATUS Open INSTALLATION - Use sparkIV or OpenIV to edit vehicle.img. There find the car you want to replace (e.g.: fbi.wft) and import the files from this folder (e.g.: fbi.wft,fbi.wtd). - Do not forget to make backups of original game files! - For multiple livery support go to "Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata" or "EFLCcommondata" and open "vehicles.ide" find the line with the name of the model (e.g.: fbi.) and add "+livery" at the end. - Start the game and enjoy! FILES INCLUDED - police2.wft - police2.wtd - Readme textfile - Preview thumbnails - Template by BxBugs123 ------------- 31 DECEMBER 2012 THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE RELEASE TO GTAPOLICEMODS.COM/GTA4-MODS.COM AND IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE UPLOADED ANYWHERE ELSE. BEING FREEWARE THIS PRODUCT IS GIVEN OUT WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. THANK YOU FOR DOWNLOADING!