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Character Component Mod v2.5

by lilmcnessy


Category:Script Mods

Added:2009-06-19 05:46:25 -0700

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This is the alice version and 1.0.3 version of HippieCommunist's mod Character Components This mod allows you to wear clothing components like bulletproof vests, and bags This shows in cutscenes aswell! Bugs -Unknown Yet Updates Since Version 1 -You can now randomise your clothing -You can set your clothes to be the original starting clothes -You have now a selection of 3 different colour bags -You can now wear fingerless clothes Updates Since Version 1.5 -You can now select robbery mask -You can now select 3 different random glasses -You can now select 2 different Hats -YOu can now wear the black motorcycle Helmet Updates Since Version 1.8 -There are now little bonuses added -You can buy Body Armour for $1000 (also adds the component) on the spot while not on a mission and when you don't have a wanted level -You can buy weapons on the spot while not on mission and when you don't have a wanted levelfor $5000 -It is randomised what you can have between a SMG with 330 Bullets, A Desert Eagle with 200 Bullets or 3 grenades -Since this is an illegal weapon sale you recieve 1 star wanted level if you have bought the desert eagle and 2 star if you bought the SMG or Grenades -When you buy the weapons you recieve one of the small bags -You can buy a Rocket Launcer with 2 Rockets for $20000 while not on mission and if you do not have a wanted level -It also adds a 3 star wanted level for very dangerous illegal weapon sale -You can now wear different colour helmets, but if you want to change colours just put on a hat then put a helmet back on and repeat until you find the one you like Updates Since Version 2.0 -Seperate keys for each weapon purchace -Fixed a bug found Updates Since Version 2.1 -You now pull out a phone and call someone before buying the weapons -It also dials but it does not work well if there is another alice script running 1.Make sure you have a asi loader and alice installed 2.Place components.lua in alice folder in your gta 4 directory Default keys Shift + ` = Robbery Mask Shift + 1 = Big bag Shift + 2 = Bullet Proof Vest Shift + 3 = Small Bag Shift + 4 = Fingerless Gloves Shift + 5 = Random Clothing Shift + 6 = Starting Clothes Shift + 7 = Random Glasses Shift + 8 = Random Hat Shift + 9 = Helmets Shift + 0 = Components off/ Props off Shift + B = Rocket Launcher Purchace + 3 Stars + large bag Shift + N = Armour Purchace + visible armour Shift + M = Buy Desert Eagle + 1 star wanted level + Brown Bag Control + M = Buy Grenades + 2 star wanted level + Green Bag Alt + M = Buy SMG + 2 Star Wanted level + Blue Bag