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Car Mod Pack V1

by aZuReLoGiiCz


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2012-07-23 06:37:37 -0700

Replaces:Many Cars

Historic Rating:5/10

Historic Downloads:3,567

File Size:105 B

Download Link:1343051190_download_link.txt


==========| Car Mod Pack V1| ==========| With 78 Cars In This Pack And A 519mb Download File. Tested On Patch. Some Cars That Are Replaced Are; Sultan RS Turismo Comet Vigero Admiral & Many More ======| WARNING| ======| Make Sure Your Read ALL "Read Me" Files In The Folder Or Fear Your GTA IV Game Getting Corrupted. I Will Recommend You To Make A Backup Of Your GTA IV Game Just To Be On The Safe Side. ====| NOTE | ====| I Did Not Create ANY Of These Car Mods, I Just Created The Pack. All Original Read Me Files Made By The Creator Of Each Individual Car Are In The Folder. Hope You Enjoy -aZuReLoGiiCz