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Captain America - Civil War V Style Character Switch Textures

by YodatheHobbit


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2016-03-11 12:43:26 -0800

Replaces: johnny_sel.png, luis_sel.png, mp_sel.png, niko_sel.png

Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:1.16 MB


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This is similar to my last texture mod for V Style, but for Civil War specifically. I've replaced Thor with Black Panther since Thor is absent from Civil War. This texture mod was created to work with JulioNIB's V Style mod. You can use any Iron man, Cap, and Black Panther character models with it you like. :) I use - , and of course You can find V Style here - It replaces Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin with Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and T'Challa on the Character Selection Menu.