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Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X Submachine Gun for GTA IV/EFLC

by Sayak96


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2014-06-22 07:55:24 -0700

Replaces:mp5 (Advanced SMG)

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:1,565

File Size:3.71 MB

Download Link:1403448924_cod_ghosts_mtarx.rar

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Version 1.0 1.Features: -------------- >Exact model of Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X SMG. >High Quality Gun Model. >Detailed textures. >Character(Niko/Luis/Johny) holds the gun correctly. >Perfect reload animation according to magazine as in COD Ghosts! Now Niko Takes out MTAR-X from Call Of Duty Ghosts,instead of the old mp5. And Enjoy COD Ghost's BEST SMG, rated by gamers, in GTA IV!! The MTAR-X is copyrighted by Activision and Infinity Ward. Brought to GTA IV by Sayak96(admin@The Modding Prodigy) Feel free to distribute this mod in mod packs, but be sure to credit me as the author.