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Bugatti Veyron Ultimate Sport

by Neflection

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-01-18 06:44:52 -0800


Historic Rating:10/10

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Download Link:1390056292_b_veyron_ultimate_sa.rar

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"Bugatti Veyron Ultimate Sport" for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Orignal model from "Forza Motorsport 4". Some parts used "Test Drive Unlimited 2". Convert,optimize,edited by "Neflection". This car hommage to "Bugatti SuperVeyron". Some optimized engine (up to 1600bhp),some weight reduction (down to 1600kg) this car. -This mod overview- Total 49,053 polygons. (Incl damage model,dummys.) Official and custom car coloring. (Prim=Car body,Sec=Car color,3rd=Inside color) Full damage parts. High poly interior model. Mid poly engine model. Have "Petroclap". Have custom "Shadow". Have custom "Collision". Custom handring. 1 extra parts. (Rear Spolier) Have 4 paintjobs. (Official carbon car color) Can tuneable Transfender. (Can tuneable to roof,nitro,wheel,car stereo,hydraulics) San Andreas style lights (Front,rear both),plate (Rear only) worked. Enjoy.