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Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2013-04-14 00:49:19 -0700

Replaces:your skateboard.

Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:15.95 MB

Download Link:1366177756_e92.rar

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BMW E92 M3 Threep Edition Credits go to Forza for most of the mesh. Thanks spread out to the KCS fam for help, support.. ..and just because fuck you crazy nutheads, thats why :P ;) As usual. Nice mod, nice filesize (over 6MB wft, WTF!!). Nice WTD with nice textures in it. Thanks Forza. And others I forgot since I have them on my HDD for ages (years, that means. Not days you silly 5th grader, just in case you might read this..). So, this vehicle has no engine, no boot, and no fucks were given because of that. Use Spidereons or any other M3 to get your uberleet Bimmer action, not mine. Mine is for let the doors closed, let the bonnet and boot closed and just drive the fuck out of this vehicle. And please do not use the brakes, use a wall instead. Thats fun you little bag of jelly beans. Farting rainbows. So, features? Uhm.. it has doors, wheels (different rear/front and NO SINGLE DOUBLE tiremarks! Thanks Kotton for pointing that out), nice seat position and sitting position (no, thats NOT the same!). Waht else, lemme think about that.. oh yes, it has lights. And the rear lights have NO GLASS attached, but covering. You can smash them without loosing the lights. Cool, eh? eh? Now go and rate this little motherfucker with comments like "But eh its not stock! Its shit! Make a stock version" or "Oh noez! Again a BMW, why don't you make my uberleet wish?" or "Fuck you,. rated 1/10 because you're shit". Yeah do that. I don't care. And just to give you more ranting power: I give a fuck about what modders should do or not do, I do all my mods - ALL of them - just because I WANT them to be as they are. Not because the community wants it. I - ME - le me - wants it to be as it is. I started making mods my own way because its uncool to edit other peoples work, no matter how shit they looked or what I wanted them to be. I saw a nice Audi once, I wanted it with different rims. So I went crazy at 4-mods, commenting like an asshole and - no stop - I didn't. I went full retard, used max and ZM and made it MY FUCKÃŒNG own sionce I learned at KCS how to do it. Similar car, just slightly differences, same source (TDU iirc). What happened? You guess! Yeah, I was called a stealer. WOW nice, eh? Tho the original was locked. That was the day the community started being 2nd after my own wishes. I don't care. Take this mod, be happy with it, or forget it. If you want to give critics, FORGET IT. You pay - you say. You don't pay, you take that fuckin mod AS IT COMES - for FREE. And you mouth keeps shut, please. Thanks.