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Better Weapon Stat For III V3

by Christoper25


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2016-07-23 00:19:30 -0700


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Im Sorry Because Im Upload V2 In San Andreas Misc Mod Site Well Now There Is V3 It's Better! Changes: Pistol:-No More Arm Bug(So You Can Shoot Like In San Andreas Easier) -Better Amount Of Ammo -Faster Fire (Maybe) -Better Range Bat:-Better Damage -Better Radius(A Bit) Uzi:-Damage Decreased -10 -Shoot Like Pistol -High Amount Of Ammo -Better Range -Better Fire Rate Unarmed:-Better Damage Sniper Rifle:-Very Much Better Damage -Holding Five Bullets -Crazy Range Shotgun:-Very Low Range -Very High Damage (100x6) -Weight Increased So You Can't Jump With It M16:-Better Damage -Much Better Range -Better Clip Same As Uzi Ak47:-Better Clip -Half Range (Compared To M16) -Heavy(Just Like Shotgun) -Can Use First Person Aim (Just Like M16) Enjoy! Warning:Backup Before Use This Mod Because This Is Still Beta And It's Often Crash In Time