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Admiral Tuner

by TOMMYE109 & Algonquin Hood


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-12-05 15:43:47 -0800


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Hi & Ello I havent uploaded for months (2 For exact), Me and Algonquin Hood made this. Algonquin let me use his old admiral name so the name credit is also a Algonquin H. Maybe a police version next. Features Algonquin hood has supplied with the GTA V parts Bullbar Sports Wheels New exhaust Tinted Windows New light texture (Based on V Texture) Credits Algonquin Hood for the GTA V Parts Algonquin Hood for screenshots, Testing and The original name And me for the mapping and new light texture P.S Its great to be back & the numplate is the LC one in game sorry