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2016 Subaru BRZ STi Concept

by twattyballs2011


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-12-06 12:16:52 -0800

Replaces:SULTAN RS

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MAIN MODEL:: Ubisoft 'The Crew - Wild Run' DLC ASSEMBLY EDITS AND CONVERSION:: ToneBee DONOR PARTS:: Forza Horizon 2 BRZ wing mirrors, Assetto Corsa Engine. Project CARS underbody The car benefits from lots of custom work and details. INCLUDING, left drive conversion, detailed enginebay and underbody, scratch model trunk bay. Aston Martin front seats with retrim. chrome lighting allround (just like concept BRZ) and more. the model is fully articulated with detailed doors and sills too :) the car makes use of ALL 4 colours and are listed as follows: COLOUR 1:: BODY COLOUR 2:: KIT TRIM COLOUR 3:: SPECULAR COLOUR 4:: WHEELS i have included, handling line and colour line to compliment the car. i hope you all like it. model functions 100% correct, damage, breaking glass, dirt, lighting etc. all present. MODEL IS LOCKED. AND WILL BE CONVERTED TO GTA5 IN THE COMING DAYS BY THE DTD TEAM. do not rip or convert to other games. WE WILL BRING IT TO GTASA AND TO GTA5 FOR YOU! <3 ToneBee 2015 [DTD]